Table of Contents
Defending the TRUE Godhead
Exposing Satan's Greatest Deception on God's Remnant Church

We need to realize that IF God is a Trinity,
THEN ...
Chapter 18-70

1. Jesus is not the literal son of God, the Father.

2. The Holy Spirit is not Godís (the Fatherís) spirit with which He is everywhere present but a third, separate person of the Godhead.

3. Jesus should have called the Holy Spirit His Father because the Bible clearly teaches that it was the Holy Spirit that overshadowed Mary. (Luke 1:35)

4. Jesus never really died because God cannot die (He is immortaló1 Timothy 6:16)
a) And because of it, He has never really paid the price for us and the atonement was not complete.
b) He had a part of Himself that was conscience after His death, founding the doctrine of the immortality of the soul.

5. Jesus was never tempted here on earth because the Bible says ďGod cannot be tempted with evilĒ (James 1:13)

6. We have a Comforter (the Holy Spirit who is a separate Being, other than Christ) who was never a human being, was never tempted and tried as we are and never suffered death for us.

7. At the new birth, we will possess the Holy Spiritís life (who was never a human Being and never conquered sin). This life is not a victorious life and there is no union of humanity and divinity in it.

8. We could never really study our Bibles without theological education because it is hard to know when God speaks in a literal and when in a metaphorical sense. (He calls Jesus His Son but in reality He is not.)

9. We have 2 Mediators and 2 Intercessors: Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

10. Jesus is removed from being our Comforter, and the 3rd Person of the Godhead takes His place thus causing us to look apart from Jesus in another direction. (Read what Ellen White said in Review and Herald, August 26,1890, par. 10)