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Defending the TRUE Godhead
Exposing Satan's Greatest Deception on God's Remnant Church

Was Ellen White a Trinitarian?
Chapter 18-66

Some believe that Ellen White became a Trinitarian based on a handful of quotes that relate to the Holy Spirit. They mistakenly believe these quotes say the Holy Spirit is a third being when in fact she actually taught the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God coming to us through His Son.

A man called LeRoy Froom deliberately set out to search over 100,000 pages of her writings (25,000,000 words) for anything that could be mistaken as being Trinitarian and is the one who found these quotes that could be misinterpreted. It is alleged that LeRoy Froom was seen functioning as a Catholic Priest prior to entering the Seventh day Adventist Church and some suspect him of being a Jesuit. He did and said things that an Adventist would never do. It is also a known fact that Froom ordered the printing plates for a new book that B.G. Wilkinson was writing on the Catholic Church to be destroyed! No true SDA would do such a thing.

On the 14 December 1955, Leroy Froom in a letter to Reuben Figuhr wrote, “I was publicly denounced in the chapel at the Washington Missionary College by Dr. B. G. Wilkinson as the most dangerous man in this denomination.” This took place in the mid 1940's. I believe Dr. B.G. Wilkinson had very good reason for saying this, much to the disgruntlement of Froom.

Most think that the quotes called “EV” or “Evangelism” are from a book written by Ellen White. But it was written by Froom in 1946 which was 30 years after the death of Ellen White.

With the intent to deceive, Froom placed quotes from Ellen White in his book where she had said “third person”, “three great powers” and “Heavenly trio.” But the “third person”, “third great power” and the third entity in the “Heavenly trio” all refer to the Spirit of Christ and not another being. This is how Froom managed to lead the entire SDA Church astray because people did not take the time to look at what else Ellen White wrote. She in fact wrote non-Trinitarian statements right through to her death which is very easy to confirm if people would only take the time to look.

Looking at what else she wrote we find the answer remains the same every time.

She said the Comforter is the Spirit of Christ,
the Spirit of truth is the Spirit of Christ,
the third person is the Spirit of Christ,
the third great power is the Spirit of Christ,
the Holy Spirit given at Pentecost was the Spirit of Christ,
the Holy Spirit Jesus breathed on His disciples was His own Spirit,
the Holy Spirit Christ sent to represent Himself was His own Spirit,
the heavenly dignitaries are the Father, Son and Spirit of Christ,
the Heavenly trio is the Father, Son and Spirit of Christ,
when we grieve the Holy Spirit it is the Spirit of Christ we grieve,
and she reveals over and over again that there are only two beings in the Godhead.

All you have to do is want the truth and to stop reading the quotes from LeRoy Froom with the mindset of a Trinitarian. The early pioneers had no problem with these few quotes that Froom searched for because they knew who the Holy Spirit is and would never read them the wrong way. But if your belief is that the Holy Spirit is another being, then that is what you will see when you read them.

Some Adventists go into denial and claim that God would never allow error to get into His Church. But Ellen White in fact informed us that serious errors would enter the Adventist Church. You continually find such statements being perpetuated in the Adventist Church. God would never allow that to happen, or just because it is Catholic, that does not mean it is wrong, or Ellen White was a Trinitarian and then became non-Trinitarian and then became Trinitarian again. Many such lies are constantly being taught and perpetuated to keep Adventists trapped in a serious lie from Satan.