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Defending the TRUE Godhead
Exposing Satan's Greatest Deception on God's Remnant Church

Is the Trinity doctrine in the SDA Church
the same as the Catholic Church?
Chapter 17-46

J.S. Washburn (1863-1955) was a retired Adventist minister and he and his wife were dear friends of Ellen and James White. He cites his interview with Ellen White at Ottawa, Kansas as being the turning point of his life.

He was converted through J.N. Andrews at age 11, Baptized by James White at 12 and began preaching Adventism at age 21.

Washburn knew his Bible very well in more ways than one. By 1918 he could recite Revelation, Romans, James and 2 Peter. By 1948 he had memorized the entire New Testament and was starting on Isaiah!

When one person begun to try and bring the Trinity doctrine into the SDA Church, J.S. Washburn was one of our brilliant pioneers that tried to stop it.

Note that this is the Trinity doctrine from the Catholic Church that was being brought in. This is a fact that the deceived try and hide from us today. It is time to wake up!

In 1939, Judson S. Washburn wrote an objection letter to the Conference. A sermon delivered by W.W. Prescott that year inspired him to send a lengthy letter denouncing the invasion of the Trinitarian doctrine into the Adventist Church.

Noting that “The doctrine of the Trinity is regarded as the supreme test of orthodoxy by the Roman Catholic Church,” he proceeded to state why it should be rejected. “Satan has taken some heathen conception of a three-headed monstrosity, and with deliberate intention to cast contempt upon divinity, has woven it into Romanism as our glorious God, an impossible, absurd invention. This monstrous doctrine transplanted from heathenism into the Roman Papal Church is seeking to intrude its evil presence into the teachings of the Third Angel's Message...”

Washburn goes on to say, “If we should go back to the immortality of the soul, purgatory, eternal torment and the Sunday Sabbath, would that be anything less than apostasy? If, however, we leap over all these minor, secondary doctrines and accept and teach the very central root, doctrine of Romanism, the Trinity, and teach that the son of God did not die, even though our words seem to be spiritual, is this anything else or anything less than apostasy, and the very Omega of apostasy?”

Mr. Washburn continues with words that every Adventist should carefully heed,
“However kindly or beautiful or apparently profound his sermons or articles may be, when a man has arrived at the place where he teaches the heathen Catholic doctrine of the Trinity, and denies that the Son of God died for us, is he a true Seventh-day Adventist? Is he even a true preacher of the Gospel?” — (The above are portions of a letter written by J.S. Washburn in 1939.

This letter was liked by a conference president so much that he distributed it to 32 of his ministers)

Here is the SDA President declaring the Catholic trinity doctrine. There can be no doubt! There is only ONE Trinity doctrine in any case. There are so many lies we are being told. Time to wake up!