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Defending the TRUE Godhead
Exposing Satan's Greatest Deception on God's Remnant Church

Is Jesus God?
Chapter 17-34

Are you human by nature? — Yes. Are your children human by nature? — Yes.

Do your children inherit you human nature? — Yes.

Is the Father God by nature? — Yes. Is His Son God by nature? — Yes.

Did Jesus inherit His Father God's nature? — Yes.

Of course He did. He is God’s Son!

It is not difficult to understand unless your mind is closed and prejudiced.

In Hebrews 1:1-9 we note that the speaker is God the Father and that He is addressing His Son and calling Him God.

Verse 2 says that Christ was “appointed heir” of all things.

An “heir” of course is someone who receives an “inheritance” from someone.

In this case Christ the Son received an “inheritance” from His Father.

But what did He receive?

His “NAME,” His authority and His power!

In other words, Jesus being the one and only begotten Son of the living God received by virtue of His birth all of the attributes that His Father possessed.

Verse 4 says, “Being made so much better than the angels, as he has by “INHERITANCE” obtained a more excellent “NAME” than they.”

Verse 8 says that this more excellent “NAME” is the name “God,” which was given by the Father to His Son.

“Unto the Son He [God] saith, Thy throne, O God, is forever and ever.”

And so this name “He has by “INHERITANCE.”

It is not a “NAME” that was bestowed but a “NAME” that was “INHERITED” from His Father.

And the above is further verified from one of the SDA Pioneers, and is a quote that Ellen G. White endorsed and hence is correct according to the SOP.

“This name [God] was not given to Christ in consequence of some great achievement, but it is His by right of inheritance.

Speaking of the power and greatness of Christ, the writer to the Hebrews says that He is made so much better than the angels, because “He hath by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they.” Heb. 1:4.

A son always rightfully takes the name of the father; and Christ, as “the only begotten Son of God,” has rightfully the same name.

A son, also, is, to a greater or less degree, a reproduction of the father; he has, to some extent, the features and personal characteristics of his father; not perfectly, because there is no perfect reproduction among mankind. But there is no imperfection in God, or in any of His works; and so Christ is the “express image” of the Father's person. Heb. 1:3.

As the Son of the self-existent God, he has by nature all the attributes of Deity.

It is true that there are many sons of God; but Christ is the “only begotten Son of God,” and therefore the Son of God in a sense in which no other being ever was, or ever can be.

The angels are sons of God, as was Adam (Job 38:7; Luke 3:38), by creation; Christians are the sons of God by adoption (Rom. 8:14,15); but CHRIST IS THE SON OF GOD BY BIRTH.

The writer to the Hebrews further shows that the position of the Son of God is not one to which Christ has been elevated, but that it is one which He has by right.” — (E.J. Waggoner, Christ and His righteousness, p. 11-12) Carriage returns are added to make it easier to read.