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Defending the TRUE Godhead
Exposing Satan's Greatest Deception on God's Remnant Church

How Do You Spot a Deceived Trinitarian?
Chapter 16-22

They are easy to spot as they ONLY post the SAME HANDFUL of quotes that a JESUIT used to DELIBERATELY bring the Trinity doctrine into the Adventist Church. And so they are FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS of this Jesuit.

This man was Leroy Froom and he was a JESUIT and also a FREEMASON.

Froom set out to search over 100,000 pages of her writings (25,000,000 words) for anything that could be mistaken as being Trinitarian and managed to find a SMALL handful of quotes that he rightly figured could be misunderstood. He then placed these quotes into his book Evangelism. Most think that the quotes called “EV” or “Evangelism” are from a book written by Ellen White. But it was written and compiled by Froom in 1946 which was 30 years after the death of Ellen White.

Also, Ellen White did not write the Titles or Subtitles which are in Froom’s book which were also intended to deceive.

Thus the deceived copy this FREEMASON’s technique of posting the SAME handful of quotes that he used to bring the Trinity doctrine into the SDA Church, which of course was AFTER the death of Ellen White and the pioneers. Why this same small handful of quotes? Because these are the only quotes that can be abused and misunderstood.

Anyone camping on these SAME HANDFUL of quotes while ignoring the THOUSANDS of quotes have chosen willful blindness and can no longer see truth if it slapped them in the face. So they deny everything that reveals them to be in error. Sadly, such dishonest people will never be in the kingdom.

It is by the continued ABUSE of these few quotes that the Trinity doctrine still remains in the SDA Church today! Why? Because the majority fail to look at what else she wrote. What a tragedy that will lead so many to hell fire if something does not wake them up!

Here is the real truth about these quotes that the deceived following in the footsteps of a Jesuit and Freemason use, which is so easy if you let SOP explain SOP instead of ASSUMING!

Honest people will ALWAYS line up ALL SOP in the same way we need to line up ALL SCRIPTURE. The dishonest people will not do this. They will deny all that shows them in error and camp on these same quotes a Jesuit used for his evil purposes of corrupting God’s remnant Church.

Below Evangelism p. 615.1, 616.4, 616,6 617.1, 617.2, 617.3 that Froom used are all are covered.

Ellen White taught that the Father and Son are one in Spirit and that the SPIRIT OF GOD comes to us through His only begotten Son. Thus she called the HOLY SPIRIT the SPIRIT OF CHRIST.

“The HOLY SPIRIT is the SPIRIT of CHRIST,” — (E.G. White, 14MR 84.3)

“We want the HOLY SPIRIT, which is JESUS CHRIST.” — (E.G. White, Lt66, April 10, 1894)

And since Ellen White wrote, “The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ,” she also wrote:

The Comforter is the SPIRIT OF CHRIST,
the Spirit of truth is the SPIRIT OF CHRIST,
the third person is the SPIRIT OF CHRIST,
the third great power is the SPIRIT OF CHRIST,
the Holy Spirit given at Pentecost was the SPIRIT OF CHRIST,
the Holy Spirit Jesus breathed on His disciples was HIS own SPIRIT,
the Holy Spirit Christ sent to represent Himself was HIS own SPIRIT,
the heavenly dignitaries are the Father, Son and SPIRIT OF CHRIST,
the Heavenly trio is the Father, Son and SPIRIT OF CHRIST,
and she reveals over and over again that there are only two beings in the Godhead.

Below you will find one example proving each of the above statements.


“They have ONE God and ONE Saviour; and ONE Spirit--the Spirit of Christ--” — (E.G. White, 9T 189.3, 1909)



“CHRIST has given HIS SPIRIT as a divine POWER.” — (E.G. White, RH, Nov 19, 1908)


“This refers to the omnipresence of the SPIRIT OF CHRIST, called the COMFORTER.” — (E.G. White, 14MR 179.2)


“JESUS comes to you as the SPIRIT of TRUTH;” — (E.G. White, 2MR 337.1)


“And when He had said this, He [Christ] breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost: ... Before the disciples could fulfill their official duties in connection with the church, CHRIST breathed HIS Spirit upon them.” — (E.G. White, DA, p. 805)


“The promise of the HOLY SPIRIT is not limited to any age or to any race. CHRIST declared that the divine influence of HIS SPIRIT was to be with His followers unto the end. From the Day of PENTECOST to the present time, the COMFORTER has been sent to all who have yielded themselves fully to the Lord and to His service.” — (E.G. White, AA, 49.2)


“CHRIST came to our world, but the world could not endure His purity. He has gone to His Father, but HE has sent HIS Holy Spirit to represent HIM in the world till he shall come again.” — (E.G. White, Ms1, Jan 11, 1897)


“The Father and the Son ALONE are to be exalted.” — (E.G. White, YI, July 7, 1898)

And since Ellen White wrote that the Holy Spirit is the SPIRIT OF CHRIST, for any quote Froom used regarding the Holy Spirit that has been misunderstood, replace the words “HOLY SPIRIT” with “SPIRIT OF CHRIST” or “CHRIST BY HIS SPIRIT” and read it again. I quite assure you that it can no longer be mistaken as a Trinitarian quote!