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Defending the TRUE Godhead
Exposing Satan's Greatest Deception on God's Remnant Church

Ellen White Never Taught the Trinity
Chapter 16-18

Trinitarians falsely claim that Ellen White became a Trinitarian primarily based on statements that can be misunderstood in regards to the Holy Spirit.

Sadly, it is easy to abuse and misunderstand some of her statements regarding the Holy Spirit because she called the Holy Spirit the third person though she was referring to the Spirit of Christ, not a third god, which has confused many.

Besides her clarity in revealing that it was the Spirit of Christ she called the third person, she also wrote many statements revealing there are only two beings. Though it seems most Trinitarians choose to remain blind to these statements.

The problem is that Trinitarians fight to prove what they have been taught which closes their minds to finding truth. Their minds are not open to finding truth because they believe they already have it, so they study to prove what they already believe in spite of all the evidence against what they believe.

So while Trinitarians falsely claim that Ellen White became a Trinitarian based on statements that can be misunderstood in regards to the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is only a small part of the equation which was the final part of the trinity doctrine. The 3 in 1 god idea was made up in 325 AD but the idea of the Holy Spirit as a third god was not made up until 381 AD.

So the basis of the trinity doctrine is a “3” in “1” god. In other words, 1+1+1=1 !

So in order for Ellen White to be a Trinitarian, she has to teach “3” co-equal, co-eternal gods that are not “3” gods but “1” god.

If Trinitarians CANNOT produce at least ONE clear statement from Ellen White that says the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are “3” gods that are only “1” god, then in fact they have no argument! It means they have misunderstood some of her other statements in regards to the Holy Spirit which the truth seekers know to be the case and have no problems with.

Ellen White never used Trinitarian phrases such as, “God the Holy Spirit,” “God the Spirit,” “God the Son,” “God in three persons,” or “Trinity” in reference to the Godhead, “Triune God,” “Co-equal” in reference to 3 gods, “Co-eternal,” “Consubstantial,” “First Person,” “Second Person,” and “Third person” while referring to a third god. Ellen White taught the third person was the Spirit of Christ.

The trinity doctrine teaches “3” gods being the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And hence the Holy Spirit is the third god.

But Ellen White taught that it is the Father, Son and Spirit of Christ since she taught the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ.

“We want the HOLY SPIRIT, which is JESUS CHRIST.” — (E.G. White, Lt66, April 10, 1894)

Count to see who she taught was the third person. ONE + ONE + ONE = “the Spirit of Christ.”

“They have ONE God and ONE Saviour; and ONE Spirit--the Spirit of Christ” — (E.G. White, 9T 189.3, 1909)

So Ellen White NEVER in fact taught a “3” in “1” god or even that all “3” are co-equal and co-eternal. And I challenge any Trinitarian to produce a quote from her that says otherwise.